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“Death comes to all, but great achievements build a monument which shall endure until the sun grows cold.”
- Ralph Waldo Emerson
The magnificent, huge monuments with such a remarkable architecture and above all a great story behind them have always fascinated the Camera Phone.


Nature in its originality is amazingly beautiful.
But it also gives us an option to let our imagination go wild and paint a different picture.
One that's still natural just in a different shade like the shades of Life!
The Camera Phone just loves Nature, it is always mesmerized by its artistic side..


Life is a Journey...
The journey on roads that goes up and down..
Sometimes its a smooth highway and at times a broken road.
The sad moments needs to be forgotten and happy times must be celebrated.
Birthdays, Weddings, Concerts or something as big as the 1st conversation with the girl of your dreams.
All are grand events and these moments are to be cherished forever.
The Camera Phone is always in the front row to Capture such important moments...

Animal Planet

Thankfully human beings are not the only living creatures on earth.
Animals & Birds makes it look beautiful and interesting.
These amazing creatures also depicts the artistic side of Nature..
Which has inspired so many artists and designers..
When it comes to my Camera Phone even animals pose!!


Expressions is the universal language...
You face says a lot even without a word coming out of your mouth.
Happy, Sad, Fear, Anger, Excitement..
Smiles, Winks, Raised Eyebrows..
Love, Lust, Rejection..
The Face says it all...
My Camera Phone has tried to capture some of these stories behind the unsaid words...


The most basic necessity of life...
It could be just a simple meal prepared by your Mom.. or something created by a Master Chef.
Vegetarian, Non Vegetarian..
Indian, American, Continental or even Mexican..
or maybe some dessert for the sweet tooth.
Dedicated to what I Live for...


Architecture, D├ęcor, Art is what makes a place worth visiting.
That huge chandelier or even the small side lamps.
Those posters on the wall or the beautiful designer floor.
That small glossy show piece or something as magnificent as this Dancing Fountain.
This section is dedicated to those artistic ideas that makes you say Woowww...

Here & There

The world is amazing, at every corner you'll find something interesting.
The Eye sees, Brain Interprets and your Heart Likes it.
Something as small as a leaf or even this Pen & Notepad tells a story..
This section  is dedicated to all those things that I found interesting and my Camera Phone captured it!